WTF is a Sound Bath?


Sound baths are everywhere right now - you’ve probably seen them advertised as experiences for attendees at various events. Because they’re so trendy at the moment, I keep getting asked, what even is a sound bath meditation?

Sound is a powerful sense, and can even be an avenue for altering one's state of mind, while really affecting the body. A sound bath is an incredibly rich experience where participants are "bathed" in sound. Typically, these meditations are hosted in beautiful spaces where professional musicians, using a variety of instruments, work to create a soundscape for participants. Participants are invited to lie down on the floor with blankets and cushions to get cozy and immerse themselves in the scene. 

Typical instruments used in sound bath can include drums, gongs, singing bowls, didgeridoos, and other more traditional instruments, such as guitar, violin, and voice. Sound bath meditations can be really amazing, and for most people, it tends to impact how they feel in some way. They tend to be really energizing and relaxing, as well as being a multifaceted shared experience. 

The idea here is to use sound to transport ourselves to a certain state of consciousness. Sound baths have been around since ancient times as a part of rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations. Now, it’s a different form of meditation, and every instructor runs their program in a different way. If you try one, dress in comfortable clothes and prepare to be relaxed. 

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