Power Posing for Confidence


Remember when Rocky runs up the steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum and does a couple of full on victory jumps, with his hands in the air? That’s actually a power pose.

The power pose is really interesting because every human around the world does it to celebrate. We always see athletes do it when they cross the finish line. The power pose does a couple things for us, mentally - it makes us feel confident, energized, and clear-headed. It’s a little cheat we can use to pump us up - it can be weird to do in public, but it can also be pretty fun.

In practice: stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, with your arms extended overhead, palms facing front. Look up and hold it for 60-seconds. You can do this exercise in the morning to start your day, or before you have an important meeting. Try it whenever you need a little boost.

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